Vicks Vaporub - 50ml

Vicks Vaporub - 50ml

Vicks Vaporub - 50ml

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Vicks VapoRub contains menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil, known for their remedial advantages in hack and cold alleviation. It gives successful multi-side effect help from 6 side effects impeded nose, breathing trouble, hack, body throb, cerebral pain and strong firmness.

Utilizations of Vicks Vaporub, 50 ml

Cold and Hack Alleviation

Key Advantages

Get moment alleviation from 6 hack and cold side effects.

Assuages hack, nasal clog, body hurt, cerebral pain, strong solidness and body throb.

Reasonable for steam inward breath on grown-ups and kids over 6 years.

Reasonable for grown-ups and kids over 2 years of age

Contains normal fixings like menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil known for their restorative advantages in cold and hack alleviation.

Headings for Use

Take one scoop of Vicks Vaporub and add it to boiling water and breathe in the fumes to get moment alleviation from the 6 cold and hack side effects

Apply on chest, throat and back for alleviation from 6 hack and cold symptomes. Begin feeling alleviation in a short ways from hack, hindered nose and breathing trouble.

Stream Inward breath: Add 1-2 teaspoons to bowl of high temp water (not bubbling). Cover head with towel. Hang over bowl to frame tent. Tenderly breathe in for 10-15 minutes. Rehash upto 3 times each day.

Security Data

Use as coordinated.

For outer utilize as it were.

Try not to assume by mouth or position in nostrils.

Keep far away from kids.

Counsel a specialist in the event that sickness continues for north of seven days, or on the other hand whenever utilized by youngsters under 2 years or then again if pregnant/breastfeeding.

Try not to use on broken/harmed/dressed skin.

For Steam Inward breath - Don't add Vaporub to bubbling water. Try not to warm or warm (utilizing oven/microwave) Vaporub along with water. Steam inward breath is appropriate for use on grown-ups and kids over 6 years. Use care while utilizing with high temp water.

Intently manage kids to abstain from singing.

Key Fixings

Pudinah ke phool, Karpoor, Ajowan ke phool, Tarpin ka tel, Nilgiri tel, Jatiphal tel.


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