777 Spicy Ginger Pickle
777 Spicy Ginger Pickle
777 Spicy Ginger Pickle

777 Spicy Ginger Pickle

777 Spicy Ginger Pickle

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Sri Ganeshram Spicy Ginger Pickle

A fine assisting of this Thokku (Chutney) is high-quality served as an accompaniment along side Chapatti, Dosa, Poori, Pongal, Vada, Uttappam and additionally with Curd Rice.

Typical South Indian Chutney made the use of Farm Fresh smooth hill ginger properly floor into paste and pickled the use of salt and different spices combined and pro with mustard and sesame oil.

The typical chutney of South India is created with fresh, soft hill ginger that has been finely ground into a paste, pickled with salt, additional spices that have been mixed, and seasoned with mustard and edible oil. It pairs well with dishes like curd rice, dosa, poori, bread, and chappathi.

A pickle is essential to any Indian meal. We at 777 Foods are pleased to offer you this pickle, which is made from the ideal combination of pickled veggies, carefully chosen spices, and traditional seasonings like ginger oil.

Shelf life is one year. These pickles are prepared in a way where the mustard and edible oil are combined with additional spices to season the pickles. See our extensive selection of pickle variations that will improve your meals. 

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