Whisper Maxi Regular-15s

Whisper Maxi Regular-15s

Whisper Maxi Regular-15s

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Murmur Maxi Fit Sterile Cushions Customary is uncommonly intended to give you that ideal fit for better solace during your periods. Its spongy channels absorb the fluid, keeping you dry so you can continue with your ordinary way of life pressure free. Remain spotless and dry with these maxi fit cushions all through your period.

Utilizations of Murmur Maxi Fit Clean Cushions Normal, 15 Count

Clean Cushions

Key Advantages

Accompanies a dri-weave top sheet that keeps the fluid from getting back to the surface and gives a dry and soothing feel.

The permeable channels pulls in the wetness for extended periods so you don't feel distress.

Headings for Use

Actually take a look at the bundle for wearing and removal directions.

Wellbeing Data

Single-use cushions.

Try not to flush it in a latrine; enclose the pre-owned cushion by paper and dispose of it in a container.

Peruse the name cautiously before use.

Keep it far away from youngsters to keep away from unplanned strangulation/gagging.

Store in a cool and dry spot.




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