Seoul Wheat Noodles Somyeon-900g

Seoul Wheat Noodles Somyeon-900g

Seoul Wheat Noodles Somyeon-900g

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Wheat Noodles, Chewy and Meager. Plied, wheat noodles with a satisfying and chewy surface.

1. Sempio wheat noodles, chewy and slender are the most slender of wheat noodles, practically like vermicelli.

2. Sempio wheat noodles, chewy and meager are made through the vacuum-matured manipulating strategy, a technique created by noticing the old conventional approach to massaging the batter manually, eliminating undesirable air, and developing the mixture giving it a chewier and seriously satisfying surface.

3. Sempio wheat noodles, chewy and slender keep up with their satisfying surface and don't effectively become soft or wet making them ideal for both hot and cold stock dishes.

In Korea, individuals eat different sorts of noodle dishes through four seasons, however in Japan individuals believe that somen is the mid year dinner.

The most widely recognized method for eating somen in Japan is to dunk the somen noodles in a tsuyu (extraordinary sort of soy sauce). Obviously, contingent upon the inclination, individuals eat somen with ginger, spring onions, etc. Japanese likewise attempt to stay away from the tedium of taste by eating somen with a few tempura, or to make a healthful equilibrium in somen noodles where sustenance is only gotten from starches.

Then again, in Korea, individuals eat somen noodles in different stock, or blended in with kochujang, vinegar, and vegetables. What's more, glass noodles are likewise cherished as a significant family feast for occasions like birthday celebrations.

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