Sani Fresh Ultra Shine

Sani Fresh Ultra Shine

Sani Fresh Ultra Shine

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Sanifresh is 1.5x more grounded than conventional latrine cleaners.

Its high level thicker definition makes the latrine remarkable clean and gives sparkle like new.

It gives 99.9% microorganism kill ensured.

10x power gives quicker, better and productive cleaning.; the high level thicker definition likewise saves time and exertion in cleaning.; presently accompanies odonil room freshner blocks 50 g .

Bundle Content: 1 Ultrashine; Decent Amount

Sanifresh ultrashine latrine cleaner is great for both indian and western latrines. It is 1.5 times better compared to standard cleaners in eliminating limescale stores in the latrine bowl. This outcomes into better sparkle and cleaning. Its high level thicker plan makes the latrine exceptionally perfect and totally shining and furthermore saves time and exertion in cleaning. It has a functioning microbe kill recipe with 10x cleaning power that eliminates the hardest stains and gives quicker, better and effective cleaning, abandoning a waiting scent. It helps kill up to 99.9% microorganisms. Headings to utilize: - bend the kid safe cap hostile to clockwise to open. Crush the fluid under the edge and around latrine bowl. Following 20 minutes, utilize a brush and clean the latrine. Flush for a stain free clean latrine.

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