Everest Sabji Masala

Everest Sabji Masala

Everest Sabji Masala

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A refined mixture of spice mainly blended to beautify the style of vegetable dishes. Everest Sabji Masala is certainly the fast-food equal in the vary of Everest blended spices. It offers vegetable dishes a mildly resonant flavour and the appetising color so attribute of vegetarian fare.


If you want to rustle up a rapid vegetable curry, all you want is your favorite vegetable/s and Everest Sabji Masala, the 'one-stop' masala. That's right, you do no longer want any different spice to make your dishes tempting and irresistible. Everest Sabji Masala is simply the proper on hand must-have for all these who certainly do not have the time for tricky cooking, however would like to put together delicious, appetising vegetable dishes all the same.

Sabji Masala

Before you begin: Prepare the vegetable of your preference in ghee/oil as you typically do. Add Everest Sabji Masala. Stir vegetable on a low flame for three mins. Keep blanketed for atleast 5 mins., so that the vegetable retains the flavour and aroma of Sabji Masala. In a few minutes, your favourite, scrumptious vegetable is prepared to eat.

Everest Sabji Masala additionally provides a very different and special style and flavour when used in the guidance of vegetable, lentils, grams, kachoris, pakodas, farsans, pattice, samosas, potato wadas, etc.

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