Banjara's Bhringraj Powder

Banjara's Bhringraj Powder

Banjara's Bhringraj Powder

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Bhringraj or hair food is a marvel spice to advance hair development, feed from profound inside the scalp, and assist with keeping up with hair tone and normal sparkle. Invigorate your hair and sustenance with Bhringraj powder that turns around bluntness, battles dandruff, and bestows lusture.

The most effective method to utilize:

Hair oil: Tenderly intensity and mix in bhringraj powder in hair oil of decision, till the pith of bhringraj is completely retained and the oil becomes fragrant. Rub in roundabout movements or use as wanted.

Hair cover: Blend in with different elements of decision or without anyone else with lemon juice or curd and apply all over from root to tip. Leave for 30 mins and wash with a delicate hair cleaning agent.

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