Banjara's Pearl Facial Kit

Banjara's Pearl Facial Kit

Banjara's Pearl Facial Kit

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Browse our scope of extravagant Facial Units that leave your skin cheerful, delicate and graceful. Loll in brilliance with unadulterated, conventional natural definitions and exceptional fixings that change your skin, uncovering noticeably brilliant, dewy, solid and splendid skin more than ever.

Banjara's facial unit is a bunch of 4 items that when utilized in a facial custom, gives your skin a warm, flawless phosphorescence. Appreciate durable, immaculate, and enlightened skin as saffron supports your skin from profound inside.

Purifying Scour: Sheds the dead skin cells, and prepares the skin.

Knead Gel: Profoundly hydrates the skin in this way further developing the skin versatility .

Knead Cream: Feeds the skin, further develops flow and saturates skin.

Face Pack: Ingests the overabundance oil, fixes the skin making it look more youthful and sound.

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