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Levista Classic Standy Pouch

Levista Classic Standy Pouch

Levista Classic Standy Pouch

  • Brand: Levista
  • Product Code: Levista Classic Standy Pouch 50g
  • ₹ 95.00
  • ₹ 90.00

  • Ex Tax:₹ 90.00

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This is a eater product.

A fine mix of hour low and four-hundredth Chicory provides you an upscale, full bodied aromatic low ready from a superior Arabica and Robusta beans homogenized with chicory.
Levista offers associate array of distinctive blends that area unit crafted to thrill low lovers. Its strong, nevertheless not resistless style permits you to relish the proper cup.
low FROM THE low CAPITAL: Levista is made from the best hand picked beans from the pristine hills of Coorg, the low capital of India.

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