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5 Benefits of Yoga for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

5 Benefits of Yoga for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul
18 January

A spiritual practice which is over 5000 years old, no Indian needs introduction to yoga. Contemporarily perceived as a form of physical exercise that promotes greater control over body and mind, various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation to achieve an enhancement of overall well being.

While a lot of people around the globe today practice yoga to remain fit, many don’t know that fitness was not the primary goal at the time of its origin.  Historically, practitioners of yogic tradition focused instead on other practices, such as expanding spiritual energy using breathing methods and mental focus.

That said, yoga is an art which takes an individual beyond the realms of physical strength as it also caters to a sharper mind and a more energetic soul. The following are just a few of the many benefits you will be able to enjoy with the incorporation of Yoga in your daily routine. 

  1. Improves your breathing

  • Most of us don’t usually pay a lot of attention to breathing and as a result our breathing is often shallow. Yoga breathing exercises, called pranayama, direct our focus on breathing and teach us how to take deeper breaths, which benefits the entire body.
  • The benefits of deep breathing include, but are not limited to, detoxifying the body, regulating blood pressure, relieving  pain and improving sleeping patterns. 
  • Certain types of breathing  can also help clear the nasal passages, which can be a boon for people with allergies or sinusitis and ultimately lead to calming the nervous system. 

  1. Increases flexibility 

    • This is especially of utmost importance for people with sitting jobs or less mobility.
    • Moving and stretching in new ways will help you become more flexible, bringing a greater range of motion to your body and make you less prone to chronic diseases.
    • Over time, you can expect to gain flexibility in your hamstrings, back, shoulders, and hips.
    • Yoga can help reverse this process of health issues associated with ageing

    1. Builds better posture

    • When you're stronger and more flexible, your posture improves. Most standing and sitting poses in yoga develop core strength with some especially designed for correcting bad posture.
    • This is because some asanas  need your core muscles to support and maintain each pose.
    • With a stronger core, you’re more likely to walk and sit straight, which can reduce risk of back pain and improve blood circulation and digestion. 

    1. Aids better mental health

    • Yoga’s benefits towards mental health have been highly recognized, so much so that American Psychological Association has deemed it to be an important practice in psychotherapy.
    • The meditative effects of yoga postures increase body awareness, relieve stress, reduce muscle tension, strain, and inflammation.
    • It also calms your nervous systems and boosts endorphins in your brain, which ultimately leads to peace of mind and makes you more calm and centered 

    1. Boosts your overall immunity system

    • Yoga helps lower stress hormones that compromise the immune system, while also conditioning the lungs and respiratory tract to remove residual toxins from the body, and bringing oxygenated blood to the various organs to ensure their optimal function.
    • It therefore regulates the cardiovascular system and helps the body keep diseases at bay. 

    That said, it is safe to say that if practiced safely, the physical and mental benefits can improve your alignment and self-confidence. Have your personal yoga journey to share? Do let us know!

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