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Best Soup Recipes for the Whole Family

Whether you eat it in lieu of dinner when you feel like having something light, or slurp it up as a pre-meal snack, soups make for a delicious yet healthy dish that can be served and relished at any point of the day. 

The best thing about soups is that its ingredients depend entirely on you! Experiment with a variety of recipes and serve it with croutons, breadsticks or a range of different garnishes!

While there are plenty of soup recipes available on the internet, freshlist brings to you a list of its top picks, which range from mild to highly flavorful, and will be a delightful meal for you and your family!

  1. Laksa Soup

  • Also known as vegetarian Malaysian coconut curry soup, coconut milk and vegetable stock form the base of this tasty soup, which is flavored with a tangy and spicy paste of tamarind, chilies, lemongrass and onions. 

  • Chunky pieces of cottage cheese and crunchy bean sprouts add more josh to this perky soup, which is characterized by the rich taste of coconut milk and the fresh aroma of lemongrass. 

  • Pair the Laksa Soup with Malaysian Noodles and Creamed Corn Cake for a satiating oriental meal.

  1. Corn Chowder Soup

  • A foodie’s delight, the Corn Chowder Soup is also quick and easy to make. 

  • It is a typical American thick soup made of boiled sweet corn and sautéed onions, enhanced by the pleasant tang of celery and aromatic nutmeg. 

  • The use of milk makes this wholesome soup all the more satiating.

  1. Bean and pasta soup

  • A dish with proud Mediterranean origins, this soup is a winter warmer to be served with warm crusty bread and if you like, a slice of cheese. 

  • The addition of cream to the soup balances the acidic taste of the tomatoes.

  1. Cream of potato soup

  • In this delicious  and filling recipe, potatoes are flavored with onions and Bayleaf, and cooked along with milk and fresh cream to make a terrifically creamy soup.

  • Since potato is known to thicken foods, ensure you serve the Cream of Potato Soup immediately before it becomes too thick to consume!

  1. Broccoli and red capsicum soup

  • When you are game for a bowlful that is bursting with flavor, go for this Broccoli and Red Capsicum Soup. Capsicum, onions and garlic together make this a truly flavorsome soup, while broccoli gives it a luscious texture. 

  • Both broccoli and red capsicum are fibre-rich veggies, making this soup a wholesome and nutritious meal.

We recommend you to browse through freshlist’s range of fresh, ripe vegetables and herbs to enhance the flavor, texture and taste of your soups. 

Did you try out any of our recipes or have your own personal favorite? If you do, let us know!

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