Amul Butter Unsalted

Amul Butter Unsalted

Amul Butter Unsalted

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Item Description

Timeframe of realistic usability - Best before a half year from bundling when put away refrigerated at 0°C or beneath

Capacity condition - At 0°C or beneath

Item Features

Unsalted Butter is produced using new cream and that's it.

It is Amul Butter in its most perfect structure, and doesn't contain any salt whatsoever.

With lower dampness content than most different margarines, it is a basic cooking and preparing fixing making it particularly accommodating when making baked goods and puddings

100% Natural !

Guarantee of brand Amul.

Item Application

Essentially utilized for making dishes where presence of salt isn't alluring

Utilized as Ingredient in Biscuits, Cakes, Breads, Ice Cream

For making Ghee at home (mostly in South India)

As fixing in Dal Makhani and so on

As spread over Parantha or Rotis

Accessible in (Segments/Markets)

Amul Butter is accessible in all urban communities of South India just as in different Metros in Modern Format Stores

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