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Aashirvaad Superior Mp Atta

Aashirvaad Superior Mp Atta

Aashirvaad Superior Mp Atta

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AASHIRVAAD Select is a superior quality atta produced using the King of Wheat. It is 100% MP Sharbati wheat which is collected in the Sehore area of Madhya Pradesh. Here, the brilliant fields are sun-kissed flawlessly and showered by the perfect measure of downpour. This is the reason each grain has a brilliant sheen and is heavier in feel.

Our specialists hand-pick Sharbati wheat grains which are predictable in size and favored with a brilliant sheen, that makes AASHIRVAAD Select Atta, really Select. Which is the reason rotis produced using Aashirvaad Select Atta have a superb fragrance and remain milder for more.

Joined with AASHIRVAAD's cycle to secure in the nourishment of the wheat, we guarantee your family gets taste just as sustenance.

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